Go Plunge Yourself

Sara has called in to the show because she is concerned about her future with her boyfriend Dylan. She feels like he is not living up to his potential, and not using his degree to better himself. She also doesn’t like that he comes home dirty. She is a nurse and is not against hard work but thinks he could do something better. But when Dylan comes on, it turns out he is and a plumber’s apprentice. Money-wise, he earns well enough already and when he is done with the apprenticeship in 7 months, he could be making six figures within the year. And it’s not just about the money for him – his grandfather was a plumber, so it’s a family trade, plus he loves the challenges and the problem-solving, and helping people who are in dire straits. He’s perfectly happy and doesn’t understand why Sara is so unhappy about it. As for the P1’s, well, brace yourself, because the response is a landslide and they let Sara have it.