Got Cabin Fever of A Hundred and Three

Paul from Bothell is really concerned about the behavior of his girlfriend Kathy. He says she has gotten it into her head that now is a great time for a Road Trip. He says she is normally not this stubborn but she is really digging in on this one, insisting on getting in the car and going through several states to see her family in Colorado. He admits it’s probably cabin fever, but he can’t get through to her how dangerous it is for her and her family given all the truck stops and gas stations and fast food places she will have to hit on the way. When Kathy comes on, she is really irritated that Paul is not understanding how the quarantine is affecting her mental health and that what she is planning is well thought out and will be carefully done. She says the real problem is that Paul is a total control freak and maybe she just needs to get away from him.