He is Always on My Heart

This one gets very emotional. Olivia from Lake Stevens has written for guidance because her boyfriend Eric has a tattoo of his son who passed way, which she understands, but it’s a poorly done tattoo. She says it is coming between them when they get intimate because it looks like a “little goblin”. She has offered to pay for him to have it redone, but he refuses because it means too much to him as it is. When Eric comes on he says he understands her feelings, and has even seriously considered having it redone, but can’t bring himself to do it because his son was still alive when he had it done and the little boy loved it. They are both very calm and reasonable and have deeply thought this through but they just can’t meet up on it. Can the P1’s help? Is Olivia being selfish or is Eric being stubborn? Can anything ever heal the hurt of a lost child?