Amy’s 4 Things

Healing Your Relationship With Food. Benefits of Cold Showers. Staying Healthy While Traveling With Erin Oprea. How to Prepare for the Loss of you Dog. (#23)

FIRST THING: Amy went over 8 tips that @KaleJunkie shared at a recent talk about body image. If you have struggles with food and loving your body…try to implement some of these things (well, all of them if you can) to start moving in the right direction. SECOND THING: Have you ever taken a cold shower? After you hear Amy share the benefits…you’re likely going to want to start taking them daily. THIRD THING: Would you walk 6 miles for a donut? Celeb trainer @ErinOprea does stuff like that all of the time when visiting new cities. Summer travels will start soon for a lot of you, so Amy had Erin on to share how to stay healthy while traveling but working in “balance” so you still have fun. FOURTH THING: Amy recently shared that she finally picked up Josie’s ashes…her dog that had to be put to sleep last year because cancer had taken its toll. She got some notes from people asking how she prepared for that from people with dogs that are old or sick…so Amy shared some ways you can prepare for the loss of your dog.
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