Hello, I’m Mrs. John Barefoot-Pregnant

This may be one of the most controversial MUBU’s was have ever done. Nick from Olympia is upset that his fiancée Stacy suddenly says she isn’t going to take his last name when they get married. He says she hadn’t ever mentioned it before but as the date gets closer she suddenly decided that it’s too much work and not necessary. Nick says he’s traditional and the name-change should be a given in a marriage, plus he wonders why she would wait so long and blind-side him with it. When we ask him his last name, he says it’s Gracie, which would make her Stacey Gracie, and we wonder if maybe that’s part of the problem. When Stacy comes on, she says, yeah, the rhyme is a little weird, but it’s more about all the work that goes into having to change all the legal documents, plus she just doesn’t see why it’s a big deal – she likes her family name and wants to keep. And she did offer to hyphenate last names, but really feels like its old fashioned for women to be expected to totally change their names. The P1’s go off! Some feel its tradition and taking his name is part of the commitment; others think she’s having second thoughts altogether and isn’t’ really into marriage and others think Nick is way too old fashioned. But we really need to call our Therapist in Renton for Fitz and Claire!