Hey Good Lookin’, Why You Not Cookin’?

Sean from Snohomish says his girlfriend Allison can’t cook worth a lick and he wants our help finding ways to encourage her to get better at it. He says they get take out so much that it’s getting expensive and he is gaining a lot of weight. He wants her to take some lessons or at least put some effort into getting better at it. When we ask why he doesn’t cook, he says he works 50 hours a week and she works from home and has more time. When Allison comes on she says she has NEVER been interested in cooking and made that clear to him from Day One and she doesn’t understand why he is suddenly making a big deal. But when Sean reveals that he saw a Facebook Memory of her cooking a big dinner for her Ex three years ago, both of their stories start to fall apart and the P1’s are there to pounce.