Highway to the Comfort Zone

Tania from Auburn has asked Fitz for help with her boyfriend Noah. She says he has gotten into the “comfort zone” with their relationship is no longer putting any effort into being romantic. She says he wants to just stay home and watch TV all the time while she wants him to want to get out and do something more. She says she has been getting offers from other guys and never took that seriously but lately has been thinking that maybe she is missing out. She has not told him about the other offers – she doesn’t want to threaten him – she just wants to know how to get him to put in more effort into making her feel special. When Noah comes on he admits they don’t go out a lot, but he works hard and comes home tired and just wants to chill. He says he will try a little harder and, OK, sure they can go out to eat sometimes, but as Fitz says there is a big gap between what Noah thinks is “effort” and what Tania thinks is “romance”. These two are really reasonable…until Fitz mentions the availability of our therapist and suddenly Noah gets cold feet.