Hit Me With Your Best Shot

A married couple has asked for help so we don’t want them to Break Up, but they have a major issue with their kids and really need your advice. Matt from Everett has asked for help with his wife Maureen because he says she refuses to get their kids vaccinated against Covid-19. He feels the kids need to get back to school as soon as possible and wants his kids to get vaccinated as soon as it’s available, which is hears is going to be pretty soon. When Maureen comes on she says it’s too soon – vaccines take time to test and she doesn’t want their kids to be the guinea pigs for the vaccine. Matt is concerned for the kids’ mental well-being, and says if the vaccine is good enough for the Government then its good enough for him, but Maureen is afraid the Government is politicizing the vaccine and it’s not going to be safe if they hurry it along. The P1’s come loaded for bear with this one and from all different directions.