Hitting That Rock Bottom

Christine from Bothell has asked for our help with her husband Steve. She says they were getting a little flabby due to quarantine so she got them a couples’ gym membership that included personal training. But now she’s worried that Steve is getting way to close to his trainer. Christine says the trailer, Melissa, is a super cute girl with a really tight “Brazilian work out” butt, and the only reason Steve is going to the gym is to flirt with the girl and look at her butt, and Christine would be more comfortable if Steve chose a different trainer. When Steve comes on he says Christine is being ridiculous. He says he and “Melly”, did hit it off but that’s really helped him improve his workout and he feels better about himself than he has in years. He says Christine has no reason to be jealous of their relationship, although he can see why she’s be jealous of Melly’s butt. It’s not like we don’t all see both sides, but the conversation sure turns when we suggest Christine goes and gets a hot male trainer.