Amy’s 4 Things

Home State Songs (Bobby Bones + Caitlin) + Holiday Movie Guide (Mike D) + Self-empowerment (Morgan2) + Self-care (Caroline Hobby)

FIRST THING: Bobby Bones and his fiancé Caitlin break down some of their favorite home state songs. Bobby shares his favorites about Arkansas and Caitlin shares songs about Oklahoma! SECOND THING: Mike D from The Bobby Bones Show & Movie Mike’s Movie Podcast shares his holiday movie guide! He recommends his favorite classics, unconventional and new Christmas movies to add to your holiday watching list!  THIRD THING: Morgan2 from The Bobby Bones Show shares her story on being single and on how she got to be the independent, self-empowered woman she is today. She shares what helped her get through dark times, her moments of clarity, and answers a few listener questions about the single life. FOURTH THING: Caroline Hobby from the Get Real Podcast talks about self-care during a pandemic and how to make it a priority again. She shares how she is trying to prioritize her well being and encourages listeners to do the same!

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