Amy’s 4 Things

Hope & High-Waisted Jeans. Brave Space. Your Body Is Not a Project. Gratitude.

Jess Connolly {@JessaConnolly} is on for all 4 things today to talk about her latest book: Breaking Free From Body Shame {Dare To Reclaim What God Has Named Good} FIRST THING: What have you been told about your body that isn’t true?? Well, society told Jess that because she’s short and curvy that high-waisted jeans were a no-no for her body type. She shares with us an “aha moment” regarding this and she then details how she detoxes her mind to combat what society has told us for years & years. She also has some great mantras that do the same! SECOND THING: Jess shares with Amy what it means to be in a “brave space” – an invitation to be who you are, where you’re at, while being offered a challenge and room to grow!!! THIRD THING: “You were made for more than a love/hate relationship with your body” and your body is NOT a project. Jess helps us look out for those life moments that open the door for us treating our bodies like a project and how we can best put a stop to that. FOURTH THING: Jess shares 4 things that she is grateful for.

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