Hope She Doesn’t Own a Louisville Slugger

Melissa from Parkland is suspicious about her boyfriend Tommy’s activities and whereabouts after work. She says he often takes a long time to get home, which he blames on traffic, but which she says can’t be true every day because she’s actually driven his route just to check. Sometimes he says he is at work late but he never has details to offer about what he was doing. Melissa admits she sounds paranoid, but she says Tommy works with a cute girl and he does have a past history of cheating when he was with his former girlfriend. When Tommy comes on, he says he loves Melissa but she is a complete control freak who tracks his phone and then calls him, wherever he is, to confirm his location and found out when he is coming home. Tommy admits to sometimes stopping off at a bar after work for a drink before going home for some “alone time”, and he also admits that yes, one time, a long time ago, he was unfaithful to someone else, but the past is the past and Melissa needs to let it go. Once the two of them start talking to each other, though…ooof, it is not looking good for these two.