Hot For Tutor

This one’s a doozy: Claudia from Buckley has asked Fitz for help with her husband Stuart who she says has hired a way-too-hot tutor for their kids. She says with everything going on with quarantine and working from home, she put Stuart in charge of finding a tutor for their kids to help them keep up with home schooling and distance learning. According to Claudia, Stuart looked on social media and found a hot 22-year-old with big boobs to just be eye candy. But when Stuart comes on, he says he interviewed 8 different potential tutors, and this one – Megan – has as good of qualifications as any of them, but also has the skills of younger people with making and posting videos, troubleshooting Zoom, and other things he says an “old school marm” can’t do. Claudia is skeptical that he couldn’t find someone the same age but less attractive. And then…she brings up some former babysitter she eludes was an “issue” with Stuart. We never get the full story on that babysitter, but the P1’s agree that whether or not Stuart cheated or Claudia is just paranoid, these two have a bigger problem than home schooling. And wait ‘til you hear the perspective of a P1 named “The Hot Nanny”.