Hotline Bling Can Only Mean One Thing

Claire from Tacoma says her boyfriend AJ is freaking out over a butt-dial call from her ex-boyfriend. She says it was totally just an accident, the Ex left a message saying so, and she thought it was funny and actually showed it to AJ not realizing he would totally obsess over it. Now AJ brings the Ex up all the time and is suspicious of all Claire’s plans and calls, asking her a lot more questions about where she’s going and what she’s doing. When Fitz says sometimes guys just want to “check in” and AJ is right to be nervous, Claire insists she loves AJ and has no interest in the Ex but admits AJ is being a total jerk and she’s not happy with him at the moment. When AJ comes on he says he’s not insecure, he just knows how guys think and thinks the Ex was totally testing the waters and Fitz agrees. But then he spends the rest of his time quizzing Claire on the identities of all the other people in her phone; turns out AJ’s got a little baggage.