How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away

Tom from Lynwood has written for help with his girlfriend Tiffany. He’s upset because before COVID hit they planned to take a summer vacation together. But after 3 months of quarantine, Tiffany says when they are allowed to travel she is going on a girls’ trip with her friends instead. Tom thinks that ain’t right – she should want to spend their first time “out in the world” together and he is really hurt that she doesn’t want to. When Tiffany comes on she emphasizes how much she loves him but that they have really, really, really been in each other’s pockets all this time and she is honestly a little tired of seeing him every day. She says it’s healthier for couples to spend a little time apart and wants him to go take a trip with his boys. Some of the P1’s agree with Tiffany and think Tom is too clingy (and can’t wait to get away from their own spouses!) but others think she and her girl’s may have something – or someone – a little “extra” planned!