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How To Know If You Have An Eating Disorder + Questions to Consider When Thinking About Body Image with Ashley Vicari (Outweigh)

For this chat with licensed therapist Ashley Vicari (episode 3 of 3 with her), Amy and Ashley talk about identifying whether or not you have an eating disorder or body image issues. *Most* eating disorder diagnoses share a common basis surrounding body image: an over-evaluation of shape and weight (meaning that someone with an eating disorder tends to put a lot of their eggs into the body image basket, so much so that it impairs their everyday lives!!) 


Ashley also shares with us ’10 Questions to Consider When Thinking About Body Image’ and breaks down each question further inside the episode:

-What are my body rules?
-Where did these rules come from?
-What function do these rules serve for me? Are they keeping me safe? Hidden?
-Can I practice non-judgement when looking at or thinking about my body?
-Am I able to see the purpose my arms, legs, stomach, etc. serves?
-Even if I do not like my body, what would respecting my body look like?
-Do I plan on living with my body rules all my life?
-How would my life be different if I respected my body?
-What matters most to me outside of my size, weight, and/or appearance?
-What role does the media or social media play in the way I view my body and what steps can I take to reduce or eliminate the harm of these images or messages?


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