Amy’s 4 Things

Human Doing vs. Human Being. Relationship Hack. Body Commenting. Online Shopping Tip.

FIRST THING: Are you ever stuck in the mode of human doing instead of human being? Amy shares her experience with this and the things she’s implementing so that she can have more control of her days and be a human that’s “being” over “doing.” SECOND THING: Amy watched an episode of The Tim Ferriss Show on YouTube called ‘Striving versus Self-Acceptance, Saving Marriages and More’ with Brene Brown as the guest. Brene shared a relationship hack with Tim that Amy thought was genius and she has already been working it into her marriage…but Amy thinks this hack could work with business relationships & some friendships as well. THIRD THING: Can a compliment be a bad thing?? It can actually be really damaging when you’re commenting on the size of someone’s body. Amy shares another example to drive home this point for those that maybe quite don’t understand just yet how it can be harmful. FOURTH THING: Do you online shop? Amy is passing along a tip that you can try to possibly save money when shopping online! 

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