Hunter File of the US Marine Corps

Almost every single Troop Salute you hear me do here on the show will include the word “Pride”. Pride is one of the most common elements of every salute I receive. People are so proud of their troops and that is why they want to tell the world through the Troop Salute. Another word comes up from time to time, and that word is fear. Today we salute Corporal Hunter File of the United States Marine Corps. Hunter’s mother Karen File, who is a P1 of the show, wrote in originally because she wanted to win some concert tickets as a gift for her son.  She wanted to thank him for all he’s done and for his service. I asked her if she wanted to do a salute for him and she agreed. Karen told me that she was originally very afraid to have her son enlist in the military. “It was my biggest fear that my son would join.” She said, “Then one day he texted me at work and told me he had a surprise, and that he had joined the Marine Corps.” Hunter File served a 4-year enlistment in the Marines as a Fire Direction Control Man. That means he worked with an artillery unit to calculate and deliver precision strikes on targets, sometimes VERY far away. He advanced to the rank of Corporal, spent a full year on deployment, and then finished his active duty time. Karen says Hunter is the kind of man that would help out anyone in need, and any fear that she once felt has been replaced by an abundance of pride. Today we salute Corporal Hunter File of the United States Marine Corps.