I Ain’t Saying She’s A Gold Digger

Christine from Lakewood has called in to the show because she feels like her boyfriend Ben is really cheap. She appreciates that he’s responsible with money and is saving for the future but feels he’s doing it at the expense of their present happiness like living in a really grungy apartment and wasting time on a Sunday waiting in line to get gas at Costco. And she’s really embarrassed when they go out to eat because he doesn’t tip servers, calling tipping a scam. When Ben comes on, he impresses us with how much money he’s saved with the intention of buying a house. And he says he does too tip, if the service is outstanding, but doesn’t see why you should tip people just for doing their job. Fitz calls him out for not tipping, but for the most part the P1’s are supporting Ben and saying Christine should consider herself lucky to have a man who is so good with money.