I Have a Very Particular Set of Skills and I Will Find You

Nicole from Issaquah is having a problem with her husband Josh that she says is damaging their relationship with their daughter. Nicole says Josh is totally up in the 17-year-old girl’s business all the time, not just watching her social media but also following her on dates with her boyfriend. Nicole says the girl is so upset that she has only applied to colleges in Florida, which the girl says is the farthest away she can get from her father, something she never even considered before this year. When Josh comes on, he says he is merely trying to protect their daughter from what he knows are the true intentions of teenage boys. He says he is sure to stay back far enough when they are out so they have privacy but he wants to be available in case of trouble. As far as the social media, Josh says it’s a different world now and thinks Nicole is naïve to not read everything the kids are saying and doing.