I Like My Yard Just a Little On The Trashy Side

Kate from Federal Way has asked for help with her boyfriend Josh who she says is turning their yard into a trashy junk yard. Josh has been buying cars with the intention of fixing them up and selling them, but Kate says he lacks the skills to do it, as well as the money needed to fix them up. At first Kate was supportive of Josh having this hobby and his vision of investment but now all he does is buy junky cars and leave them and their parts lying around and now the yard and garage make them look like, in her words, the “white trash house of the neighborhood” and she’s embarrassed to even have people over. Plus Kate is really stressed-out about how much money he is spending on all this. When Josh comes on he says this is an investment and she needs to be patient and in fact this is his plan for the future and how to send their kids through college. When he lists the cars he has, even Drew is impressed but Drew cautions Josh that if he doesn’t start working on them soon they will lose value. Josh says Kate needs to have more faith in him, but Kate says Josh needs to face reality. Can the P1’s help them? Can they work this out? And will Drew buy a few of these cars off Josh?