I Was Just Following Advice From Fitz

Ryan from Buckley has written to Fitz for help with his girlfriend Jessica. He says he followed Fitz’s advice to share his social media passwords with her so she can see he has nothing to hide, but now it seems she is using posing as him to try and bait women to see if she can catch him cheating. Ryan says he noticed he was getting a lot of weird answers from certain women but knew he hadn’t reached out to them, and says only Jessica has that kind of access. When Jessica comes on she says he has a lot of female friends and wanted to know how Ryan knew them all, so she sent some simple messages, as him, just to see how they would respond. When we press her it turns out she has been cheated on before so she has trust issues. This upsets Ryan because he says he is just not that kind of guy. He concedes that he is in sales and has a lot of attractive women “friends” and “followers” that he has to be nice to, but feels Jessica should not let her own past color how he lives his life, and she needs to learn to have trust. Can the P1’s fix this one? Or is Jessica too far gone? (Also – do you bring your wife or girlfriend on sales calls? Asking for a friend…)