If He Keeps It Up, It WILL Be His Last Christmas

Amy from Spanaway has written in to Fitz for help because she thinks her boyfriend Brad is extremely over the top about Christmas. Today is Halloween and she says their house is already decorated for Christmas, and not just decorated, but totally lit up Clark Griswold style. Not just outside, but also inside every room, garage and everything. Amy says she doesn’t hate Christmas or decorations – they are fun – but it’s the amount and how early in the year it is, when kids are coming to trick or treat, it’s embarrassing. Amy does offer that she is an atheist and wonders if Brad is trying to kind of throw that in her face. When Brad comes on, he is absolutely 100% about Christmas. He says it lifts his spirits and thinks others feel the same. And he even admits to the Griswold comparison because his parents loved “Christmas Vacation” and bought all the lights. Amy feels like we do not understand the enormity of his obsession, and Brad feels like she is missing out on something major in life. The P1’s are interestingly divided on this one – this couple may have deeper issues.