If You’re There Girl I Got My Eyes On You

Anna from Snoqualmie has written to Fitz for help with her boyfriend Mike who she says has gone crazy with surveillance cameras in their home. She says at first she was OK with the idea that the outside of their home was protected from strangers. But then he put them inside the house, and then he started watching them from work, and then he started watching her and calling her to ask her why she was doing certain things like sleeping in, or ignoring answering the door, or asking her where she is when she is out of frame for too long. Anna says she feels like a prisoner in her own home and can’t get through to him how invasive this is. When Mike comes on he says times are crazy with people stealing stuff and it is all to protect Anna. For his part, he doesn’t understand why she feels threatened rather than secure. The P1’s debate the difference between security vs surveillance, but does anyone think these two will make it?