Amy’s 4 Things

Infrared Sauna Benefits. The Pringle Effect. My go-to Cry Song. Glutathione Talk w @AdamBobo. (#31)

FIRST THING: Its getting hot in here! Amy discusses the pros of hitting up an infrared sauna. They are all the rage lately and Amy’s a fan of them…so she goes over the benefits. SECOND THING: ‘Once you pop, You can’t stop!’ Amy talks about the ‘Pringle Effect’ via @thewellnecessaties and how labeling a food as an “indulgence” could be harmful towards your relationship with food! She shares tips to change the way you approach eating.  THIRD THING: Fergie says, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” but we disagree!  Amy shares her go-to ‘cry song’ because sometimes you need help getting out those emotions.  FOURTH THING: @Adambobo is back to share more amazing tips on what we can be putting in our bodies to be our healthiest! In a previous episode we mention glutathione and its antioxidant benefits, but Bobo is back to dig into why we should be finding ways to add glutathione to our health routine! 
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