Amy’s 4 Things

Inner (Food) Wisdom. Why You Need a Hobby. Jesus & Politics. Relationship Advice.

Amy’s friend Gracie Moakler {@GracieMoakler} is on for all 4 things this week! FIRST THING: Amy & Gracie talk about inner {food} wisdom…like craving less salads in the fall and how that is OKAY! Listening to your body and what it’s craving when the seasons change is important. SECOND THING: Everyone needs a hobby! They break down why having a hobby is good for you and they share some hobby ideas…including what they are going to start doing together!! THIRD THING: Do you think you have election stress disorder? It’s a real thing. Amy shares what ESD is and then recaps what her pastor talked about at church this last weekend regarding the early church & politics. FOURTH THING: At Ray & BAE’s wedding this last weekend the pastor told a cool story about a rag doll & $20,000 that Amy loved, so she told that and then Gracie shared some relationship advice…along with 4 things she is grateful for! *Reminder: #4Things Gratitude Journal 2.0 comes out on Friday 10/30!!

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