Amy’s 4 Things

Inspiring Quotes. Skincare Tips. Say Hi To People: It Could Change Your Life. Game Changer Pancake Tip.

First thing: Amy was curious about the most quoted quotes of all time so she tracked them down and she hopes you’ll be inspired by the top ones on the list. Second thing: Keri (@thenashvillebeautygirl) sat down with Amy to go over some over the counter things that are good for your skin and they also get into some of Amy’s skin care routine. Third thing: Amy’s friend Chase Locke chatted with Amy about how reaching out or saying hi to someone (even if you’re nervous) could change your life. Nothing might happen…or all the things might happen…so you might as well go for it. Fourth thing: A pancake tip from Amy’s son Stevenson…a trick he thinks that you NEED to know!!!
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