Amy’s 4 Things

Insta vs. Reality. Tips for Hard Conversations. Brain Food. Staying Mentally Healthy.

FIRST THING: We spend so much time scrolling social media, so we should be intentional about the content that we are consuming. Amy shares a recent follow that she is loving, @DanaMercer, who is helping to create an environment where women can feel normal & confident in their own bodies. SECOND THING: Time magazine released an article with tips for having uncomfortable or hard conversations. Given the current climate of the country, Amy thought these tips might be helpful for people navigation talks about racial injustice, coronavirus, elections, etc… THIRD THING: Can blueberries make us smatert?? Amy shares foods important for brain development…and it’s stuff she’s feeding her kids…but adults should make sure to consume these foods too if possible! FOURTH THING: With so much craziness going on in the world, how do we keep ourselves mentally healthy? Amy did all the research and is letting y’all know that it is okay to schedule a time to worry about life & other helpful tips!! 

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