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Introducing: This Is Paris

Hi, 4 Things fans! Since you love this show, you may also enjoy the This Is Paris Podcast with Paris Hilton. Check out the trailer to see for yourself!
About the Podcast: Join Paris Hilton each week as she speaks candidly with her friends and family, the hottest in movies, music, and television, innovators, creators, newsmakers, and icons. Paris will sit down for edgy, in-depth conversations with a multitude of unexpected guests. She will interview people in a way that only Paris can. Questions and topics that are surprising and unanticipated. Honest, fun, open, inspiring, and unpredictable. Loves it. Paris Hilton is an influencer, DJ, designer, recording artist, philanthropist, host, actress, model, and author. Now, you can get closer and more personal than ever with Paris each week. This is Paris.
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