Is There Something Higher Than P1?

This one is pretty perplexing. Danielle from Puyallup has called to ask Fitz for help with her boyfriend Luke. She says they are both P1’s of the show, listening to Fitz for many years, but she is perturbed because lately Luke will change the station. And she has figured out why: he doesn’t like certain songs. When we drill down to diagnose the problem with Danielle, we figure out the songs are what we call “Boyfriend Country” – simply put, Luke hates Dan+Shay and all the other nice guys who sing nice songs about their nice girls. When Luke comes on, he admits it: he doesn’t like a lot of the newest songs because they are too “wimpy” and they also don’t have enough banjo, fiddle, or pedal steel. Fitz defends Country Music in all its forms, and tells Luke he needs to keep up with the times. But that’s all beside the point for Danielle who says the true measure of a P1 is that once you set that present, you never, ever take it off.