Fitz in the Morning: Make Up or Break Up

Is This Call Bossy or Booty?

Maureen from Mill Creek has asked us for help with her boyfriend Kevin. She thinks Kevin’s female boss is after him, because she calls him a lot, sometimes late at night, and has nicknames for him, including “handsome”. And to add to Maureen’s suspicions, sometimes Kevin goes into a different room to talk to the Boss Lady. When Kevin comes on, he says the boss doesn’t call nearly as often as Maureen says, but admits she does call a lot because it is the nature of their business, which he says moves very fast. Kevin says he calls all the workers a lot, but his view is that she especially calls him a lot because he is a valued employee. And he says she calls all the men “handsome.” This sparks a big debate about male vs female bosses as well as whether flirting is an appropriate way to get a raise, but what about the main question: can they Make Up or should they Break Up?