It’s Not a Conspiracy If It’s True

Whitney from Stanwood thinks her boyfriend Bill has become a conspiracy theorist and she wants it to stop; he spends all of his free time reading up on aliens and the related government cover-ups, and has started chatting and meeting with groups who she says are totally winding him up. She says he’s entitled to his beliefs, but thinks it’s beyond reason and his obsession is starting to interfere with their relationship since it’s all he will talk about and spend his time on. When Bill comes on, he is frustrated and worried that Whitney doesn’t share his belief and is in no way prepared for the world to come. Bill also hates the term “conspiracy theory” because he says they aren’t conspiracies if they’re true. And he’s adamant about trying to get Whitney to understand what he knows to be true. The P1’s are pretty sure these two are not gonna make it because they don’t agree, BUT, the real drama is everyone’s disagreement on whether Bill is completely crazy or completely right!