Jack Walker of the US Army

Today we are saluting Jack Walker of the United States Army and Army National Guard. This salute was sent to us by Kim Walker, who is Jack’s niece. Jack Walker first served in the US Army in Vietnam. As a squad leader in the 1st Infantry, he led his squad on field missions in the jungle. They spent most of their time out in the jungle and were rarely at a base according to Jack. He was part of the 1st Infantry Division, aka “The Big Red 1”. Jack enlisted in the National Guard after Vietnam, and served with them until he retired. During his time in the National Guard he was activated for operation Desert Storm, and served his nation overseas once again. He retired from the National Guard with a full 20. Walker holds several medals including a Silver Star. Jack’s niece Kim told us “He is by far the bravest, strongest man I know, he is a true American hero, but most of all he is my hero. He may not know it, but he has taught me how to live life by his example”.