James and Gregory Boland of the US Navy

Today’s Troop Salute is a special one. What makes this salute special is that it is not only from one Sailor to another, but also one brother to another although I would like to salute them both! Military service can be a powerful family bond and an important family tradition. Today we salute Petty Officer 1st Class James Boland of the United States Navy AND his brother QMSN Gregory R Boland also of the United States Navy. James is a Fire Controlman and has been serving in the Navy for 10 years. For those who don’t know, Fire Controlman is the guy with his finger on the button of those massive weapons on our ships and subs. James’ younger brother wrote in to me for this salute. Seaman Quartermaster Gregory Boland also of the United States Navy. Gregory tells me “My brother James is the 7th sailor in our family and he is my inspiration to be who I am today. His dedication to our country and family are inspiring, and he makes me strive to be the best that I can be.” James enlisted In the Navy at 20, because nothing was working out for him, he tried school but it just wasn’t for him. He couldn’t find a job he really enjoyed and he needed guidance in life. The Navy was his answer, and he has been proudly surviving this country since. He is currently stationed in Japan. Gregory was so inspired by his older brother that he enlisted at 24 years old. “I am currently stationed aboard a Guided missile destroyer. And Even though I have a wife and two daughters myself, I am most worried about living up to the standards set my big brother James.” Today we salute BOTH James and Gregory Boland, both of the United States Navy. Service runs deep in this family.