James Elder of the United States Army

Helping to honor our veterans and service people is a real privilege for us. We want to share your respect and appreciation for the people in your life who have given back to the nation. Today we are Honoring James Elder of the United States Army. James proudly served this nation for 24 years.  He started his service back in Vietnam, and obviously the military life suited him because he stayed on for another 2 decades afterward. I received this salute from Hope Snoke. Hope had heard us salute other soldiers and she asked if I would do a salute for James Elder. She gave me a few pieces of information about his service and his time in. He didn’t ever talk about his service much, Hope said.  She was worried that she didn’t have enough for a salute.  Some people just prefer to keep their memories private, or perhaps they don’t want to bring the realities of war home to others. Hope also made sure to tell me that she was also very proud of ALL of the men and women who were serving with James when he started back in Vietnam. I asked Hope what her relationship is to James, she replied “He’s my father.” And sadly she also said she lost him just 2 years ago. Elder gave a lifetime of service to the United States Army, and even though he has passed on, he will never be forgotten by his daughter, or his nation. So today we salute James Elder of the Unites States Army.