Amy’s 4 Things

Jamie Ivey: False Definitions of Success. Living Your Story. Contentment vs. Discontentment. Finishing Well.

Jamie Ivey is on for all ‘4 things’ this week to discuss her newest book called You Be You: Why Satisfaction and Success Are Closer Than You Think (out October 1st). FIRST THING: Amy and Jamie talk about false definitions of success and comparing yourself to others based on social media, interactions, or impressions. SECOND THING: What is your calling? Jamie encourages us to live out OUR story, push our comfort level, set boundaries and when to say no to things. THIRD THING: Does discontentment lead to other feelings that you don’t need to worry about? Jamie breaks this down (contentment vs. discontentment) and shares how to figure out what to worry about, and what to focus on what you have, and how to enjoy it! FOURTH THING: Jamie talks about living like it matters…reawakening your personal goals, and doing your best, to “finish well.”
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