Amy’s 4 Things

Jamie Ivey: Your Story Matters + Gratitude & Mental Health + Tattoo Talk. Healthcare Hero Shout Out.

FIRST THING: Amy has on a fellow podcaster, author and speaker Jamie Ivey {@jamieivey} to talk about why YOUR story matters. Jamie is releasing an online 6 week bible study about how sharing your life story and your struggles can help others, and we are so excited! SECOND THING: May is Mental Health Awareness month and Jamie shares how important it is to learn about mental health and how gratitude can help aid in our overall well being. THIRD THING: Amy loves tattoos so she gets the low-down from Jamie on her sleeves, advice for getting one and if Amy should get another tattoo! FOURTH THING: Time for another amazing Healthcare Hero Shoutout for Respiratory Therapist, Hailey! We appreciate the courage that you show by going into work everyday and helping so many!! 

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