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Jennie Allen {Founder of IF:Gathering}: Stop the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts. Science Behind Positivity. Jennie’s Story. 7 Thought Choices to Change Your Life.

FIRST THING: Author and founder of IF:Gathering, Jennie Allen {@jenniesallen} is here to talk with Amy about her new book “GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts” {OUT NOW!}. Jennie has noticed a huge trend in the uprising of toxic thoughts in woman and the negative affect that it is having on all aspects of our life. Jennie wrote this book to help bring light to the issue and provide ways to help us break the toxic cycle. SECOND THING: Can you actually change the way your brain thinks?? Yes, you absolutely can! The science is there to back up the negative effects of toxic thoughts as well as the major benefits of changing the negativity to positivity. In this thing Jennie also shares how we can help the younger generation deal with the decline in mental health. THIRD THING: Jennie shares about the season in her life that led her to becoming so passionate about the power that our thoughts have! FOURTH THING: “You have a choice.” The 7 thought choices that can help make the shift to a better way to live + Jennie shares the four things that she is most grateful for!

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