Jeremy Lewis of the United States Marine Corps.

We all know about the great education and training that our service people receive in the military.  In some fields it’s the best in the world.  Along with that there’s discipline and physical fitness, and on top of it all is the pride and satisfaction of being a big part of something that makes up the fabric of America. But there might be another benefit that most don’t think about.  Could being in the service make you sexier? Tiffany Hess thinks it does. Today we are saluting Jeremy Lewis of the United States Marine Corps. Jeremy served in the Marine Corps from 2004 to 2009. He was a Corporal when he got out, and Tiffany says “Once a Marine, Always a Marine.” You know it’s true Tiffany. She says, “Thank you for your service and the sacrifices you made…Love, Tiffany”. We are saluting Corporal Jeremy Lewis for his service to this country, and if it sounds like we just did a long distance request on the lover’s line, know that Tiffany loves her Marine, and the rest of us respect and honor what he has done for all of us. Who could resist the appeal of someone who did their part to secure this nation?