Amy’s 4 Things

Jessica Honegger: Changing the World. Host a BBQ ASAP (+ recipe). Botox & Baby Pigs. Binge Worthy Shows. (#37)

FIRST THING: Jessica Honegger from Noonday Collection is on today’s episode and she’s on a mission to change the world. Listen to hear about Jessica’s approach to giving your kids new experiences, how she’s helping families in impoverished countries have economic opportunities, and why we all need to fill up our love tank. And FYI: Noonday Collection’s new fall line launches today (August 1st!) and it is awesome. Follow Jessica on Instagram: @JessicaHonegger and @NoondayCollection. SECOND THING: Amy LOVES making new friends and especially ones who are award winning cooks with killer steak recipes! Matt Moore (@MattRMoore) who is the author of cookbooks like “A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen” and “The South’s Best Butts” stopped by a BBQ this past weekend at Amy’s house. She figured this was the perfect time to try out his skirt steak with chimichurri sauce and we have to say it was definitely the hit of the party! (P.S its kid approved, score!!) Amy also shares why hosting people for dinner is not only good for the soul, but also for all those little house projects you’ve been putting off. Be sure to check out to find this recipe and for more information on Matt! THIRD THING: This ‘thing’ is about all the things! Amy shares how she got neck botox. Yep, in the neck. Be sure to listen for all the LOL worthy stories that popped up because of Amy’s ADD – including the time she gave birth to a baby pig. FOURTH THING: Give us all the recommendations, please! Amy shares what her and the hubby are binging right now and shares why they’re so great. Spoiler alert: its Chernobyl and The Great Hack! She wants to hear what you’re watching as well, so share your recs: 
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