Jesus Cosme of the US Air Force

Dad should be a hero to every kid. And in most cases that is true. When a dad is an actual uniformed hero, his kids have the best bragging rights on the block! A young man named Andrew wrote in to salute his dad and his hero. Today we salute Lieutenant Colonel Jesus Cosme of The United States Air Force. Lieutenant Colonel Cosme, who is called “Zeus” by his friends, first graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado in April of 2001. Since graduating the Academy, “Zeus” has lived in Oklahoma, New Jersey, Hawaii, California, and Washington State. The Air Force life meant frequent moves, sometimes just 3 years apart as Jesus trained and advanced through the Officer and Pilot programs. In 2012 “Zeus” graduated from Test pilot school at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Cosme excelled at his duties and his courses easily moving through the ranks. In 2015 he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. His son and his whole family could not be more proud of their dad and their hero. Lieutenant Colonel Cosme, his wife Amber, and their 3 sons, Andrew, Robert, and Evan, are moving on from the active duty life. Just over a year ago “Zeus” was hired as a pilot by UPS and moved on to the Air Force Reserves where he plans to complete his 20-year service. Andrew says that he speaks for his whole family when he says “We are so proud of you Dad, and Thank You for your service.”