Joe McCloskey of the US Navy

The Troop Salute is not a military “resume” – while we love to read through the submissions with details of military careers and accomplishments, we aren’t just saluting medals and accolades, or combat bravery. The Troop Salute is all about honoring the men and women who make this country possible by serving in her military. Today we salute Joe McCloskey of the United States Navy. I didn’t receive details of his service or his ranks and jobs, just a message expressing the gratitude that his niece, Gia Timmons, and Joe’s whole family, feel for what he’s done. Gia was particularly proud of the way Joe came into her aunt’s life at a time when she was a single mother, and helped her to raise her two children into amazing adults. Gia also says Joe was a quiet man, but when he did talk, you definitely wanted to listen because he was a brilliant man. And Gia says he always treated her aunt like a princess. Joe was proud of his service in the Navy, and proud of his family. Sadly Joe McCloskey passed away in 2015 after a long battle with the condition known as ALS. His family found peace in knowing that his fight and suffering were over. But his service will live on forever in this nation. Today we salute Joe McCloskey of the United States Navy.