John Long of the US Marine Corps

Today we have an update on a troop Fitz saluted quite a while ago. We first saluted PFC John Long of the United States Marine Corps back when he was just leaving for boot camp. His dad Mike is one of our favorite P1’s of the show – you may have heard Fitz refer to him as “Trash Man Mike”.
Mike and his wife Tish are so incredibly proud of John, and Mike has updated us on John’s journey in the Corps. On July 15th John graduated from Marine Corps Engineering School in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, as an 1142 Generator Mechanic. Now John is off on his 6-year enlistment, heading to his first permanent duty station in California. Mike and Tish are also proud to say John is engaged and hopes to be getting married very soon. As parents, Mike and Tish can hardly believe how far John has come in such a short time, and even though they miss him terribly, they are so proud of the man he has grown into. Today we Salute PFC John Long of the United States Marine Corps.