Just How Socially Distant Do You Expect Me to Be?

Dana from Woodinville has written to us for help with her boyfriend George. She says now that more bars and restaurants are open she is dying to out but he still doesn’t think it’s a good idea. They first met just days before Covid hit and lockdown happened so even though they’ve been technically dating for several months they have never actually been on the town together for a real date. She says she knows they have to be careful but thinks he is being too cautious. Plus she knows he has gone out with his guy friends a few times so she is starting to wonder if he just doesn’t want to go out in public with her. When George comes on he says Dana is blowing it way out of proportion. He says the times he has gone out were just “necessary” hang outs like a friend’s going-away party and helping a guy move and he didn’t bring her along because they were “guy” things and she doesn’t know any of them. But Dana can’t help think that maybe George is hiding her from his friends…or maybe he is hiding someone else from her?