Amy’s 4 Things

Kailey Dickerson: Articulating Emotions. Working Hard & Connecting With Others. Faith & Her Marriage to Russell Dickerson.

Kailey Dickerson sits down with Amy to talk about all the things: what it’s like being married to Russell Dickerson (who is about to go on tour with Tim McGraw), gratitude, different seasons of life (getting cozy with carbs in the winter + taking long walks in the summer + experiencing anguish after a miscarriage + articulating emotions + helping build Russell’s country music career). Kailey shared her desire to have a podcast (Coffee With Kailey) so that she could connect with more people…on a deeper level than when she’s out on the road with Russell. Speaking of Russell, she talked about their faith, how they got together, wedding details, and building the house of their dreams! Amy wrapped things up by pulling some random “Concrete Conversations” card questions for Kailey to answer!!



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As a touring wife and mother, Kailey Dickerson gets to the heart of the matter with the people that matter most to her. She and her friends will catch up over a cup of coffee, sharing intimate stories of their lives. And Kailey invites everyone to sit down, come share a cup and listen as they open up. 


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