Amy’s 4 Things

Karen Fairchild: Changing the Channel. Creative Block. Doing It All. Gratitude.

Karen Fairchild {@KarenFairchild} of Little Big Town is on for all 4 things today. FIRST THING: Karen and Amy break down what they do when they need to change the channel in their brain. Lies creep in at times and they need to be shut down. For example: when Karen would get stage fright. SECOND THING: Karen is a major creative…music, fashion & other business ventures. She shared what she does when she is experiencing any sort of creative block. THIRD THING: Being that Karen is a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur…we wanted her thoughts on doing it all…and how does she know when to say “no” and when to say “yes.” FOURTH THING: Karen shares 4 things she is grateful for. 
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