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Keith Urban (Full Episode) In Case You Missed It! Keith On His Childhood, First No. 1, Marriage, Rehab and Overcoming Addiction

In case you missed it, we wanted to give you this episode in it’s entirety!
Bobby and Keith dive into where his love of music started and how he discovered country music in Australia. Keith explains how his dad got him into country music and how their relationship led to him wanting to pursue it as a career. Keith talks about his early days starting out, his biggest inspiration as an artist, why he strives to make his live show so BIG and he also breaks down the day he wrote “Somebody Like You”. Bobby talks to Keith about how he and his wife Nicole Kidman seem like a normal despite each being huge stars. Keith confirms and debunks facts that you may have read about him online. Keith also talks about going to rehab for his struggles with addiction. 

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