Bobby Bones Show On Demand

Keith Urban on New Song and Favorite Country Lyric of All-Time + We Talk to the Celeb that Snubbed Raymundo at the Mall + A Vet Answers Our Biggest Dog Health Questions

Bobby talks to his friend Keith Urban about his new song Wild Hearts, how he re-wrote the verses and his favorite country song and lyric of all-time. Raymundo recently saw comedian John Crist at the mall and claims he was snubbed by him. So we talk to Jon and get his side of the story of what happened. A caller had a question for Bobby on how to help his dog with his thunderstorm anxiety. Bobby gave him his advice and then we talked to a vet to see what she’d recommend in this situation plus answers our other questions about our dogs. Plus, Bobby plays the show a TV theme song that was so popular that it hit the Billboard charts…the crew has to name the show it was used in. 
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