Kiarah Burke of the US Air Force 08/12/2019

We do a lot of Troop Salutes for service men and women who have been in uniform for years. We tell stories that are passed to us about achievements and accomplishments from years of service. Sometimes you can’t help but picture that action hero character that we see in the movies. But the Troop Salute is not here to glorify only those tough veterans with years of service under their belt, The Troop Salute is here to honor EVERY hero who wears the uniform of the United States Military, or who has worn the uniform, or who WILL wear the uniform.
Today we salute Kiarah M Burke of the United States Air Force. Kiarah comes from that last category, because she is still in boot camp at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Kiarah will graduate soon in the first week of September, and her mom LisaAnn Dickinson could not be more proud of her youngest daughter.
LisaAnn tells me that Kiarah is especially proud of the fact that she can break down her M-16 and reassemble it in 33 seconds flat! That’s an improvement on her last score of 38 seconds. It sounds like she’s a great student, a great recruit, and soon to be a serious force to be reckoned with. LisaAnn says they live in Sedro Wooley and Kiarah grew up competing in the Logger Rodeo and placed in several events, so mom wasn’t too surprised that her girl is taking to the rigors of military life so well. Recruits like Kiarah are the future of our military might, and when she signed on the line, she became an American Hero to us. And that is why today we are saluting Kiarah M Burke of the United States Air Force