Kirk Douglas of the United States Navy

A life in the service can be the first step on a very interesting path. Today we salute Issur Danielovich of the United States Navy. Issur walked a very interesting path after serving in the navy, and he walked it for a very long time. Danielovich was born in 1916 in New York to Jewish Immigrant parents. The family adopted the name Demsky to fit in a little better in Early 20th century America.  Issur went through his formative years known as Izzy Demsky. Life was difficult.  The family was poor and Izzy had 6 sisters.  Everyone in the family helped out to earn enough for the family to eat.  Izzy had passions and dreams and he yearned to get out of his situation. In 1941 Izzy joined the Navy in response to America entering WWII. Just before he signed up.  Issur Danielovich, who had been going by Izzy Demsky most of his life, made one more name change. He legally changed his name to Kirk Douglas. Douglas served in the Navy as a communications officer in anti-submarine warfare until receiving a medical discharge in 1944 for an injury resulting from a depth charge accident. Kirk Douglas had planned to be a stage actor after the War, but his skill and his style quickly landed him in Hollywood where he went on to become one of the greatest actors of his generation, and one of the longest lived.
Kirk Douglas died just over a week ago at the age of 103 years old.  He will always be remembered for his movies, and he will never be forgotten for his service to this nation. Today we salute Kirk Douglas of the United States Navy.